We confess, we have what some might call, the best job in the entire world,  As the founder of Styling Events, an events company that celebrates weddings and other corporate and private events, we might be found on any given day surrounded by beautiful flowers and clients from different cultures and back grounds, all in its own unique way, sense, style and grace. Classical trained perfection is not the benchmark for a flawless celebration, instead it is layers upon layers of personality that always leave the longest-lasting impression. We hope to give you the confidence to design your wedding or your special event, that is not only a hold-the-phone stunner but also one that is meaningful, filled with love, and a complete reflection of who you are as a client. It is elegance paired with spontaneity and sophistication paired with laughs, love and pure happiness that make for a truly epic wedding. The very special somethings, that make for the prettiest of pretty weddings, the most thoughtful of celebrations.

There is so much that can be completely out of control on your event. Your event certainly had the potential of some stressful situations, but you will completely be relaxed and enjoy every minute because you will have faith in our professional services. And the simple fact that designing an event of your very own is not only possible, it is easy and really fun. So kick of your heels, Grab a glass of bubbly and prepare to lose yourself entirely in the pure beauty of events styled pretty just the way you like it